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  1. Fynxbell Member

    Anyone spend a summer at Camp Granada? Meet Allen Sherman?

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  2. Podkayne of Israel Member
    Podkayne of Israel

    Buddy Hackett was a cousin of a friend of mine from elementary school. He was legendary in the family for being able to swing on the door frame.

    My husband attended Ramah Wisconsin as a camper and and as counselor. He was cast as Sky Masterson in the Hebrew translation of “Guys and Dolls” because he had a nice tenor and knew enough Hebrew to fake it if he forgot his lines. At the end of “Luck Be A Lady Tonight”, the stagehands forgot to black out the lights right after Sky rolls the dice.

    Me, I went to a YWCA camp in rural NC,  met kids from a “childrens’ home” and heard their harrowing life stories. I won a badge in Campcraft for being the only one who had a can opener.

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