What did Biden say about the GOP and Vladimir Putin on foreign shores? Attacked one and praised the other? We talk about that on today’s podcast, as well as shameful public pronouncements by columnist Michael Gerson and former Biden COVID guy Andy Slavitt. Give a listen.

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  1. Kephalithos Member

    Wrong. It doesn’t matter how loudly parents complain. It doesn’t matter whether parents elect new school boards. The simple fact is that education overwhelmingly attracts the kind of people who accept the ideology (not just critical race theory, but critical theory in general), and they will pass it on to the children under their care. Yes, the anti-CRT laws currently passing are futile, but only because they don’t go far enough: Banning the 1619 Project will do nothing. The only way to keep the 1619 Project out of schools is to fire the teachers, counselors, and administrators en masse and replace them with unabashedly anti-woke teachers, counselors, and administrators. Good luck with that.

    If Christine really wants to keep wokeness away from her kids, she has only one option: homeschooling. Nothing else will suffice.

    Also, critical theory isn’t an “argument.” It’s a quasi-religious ideology, and it should be dealt with as such. There is no arguing with an adherent.

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  2. FredGoodhue Coolidge

    If this is a dry run for something in the future, that future is global warming abatement.  

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  3. Julia1492 Member

    Christine’s comment about Fauci and his Only Fans was perfect. 

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