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  1. Kephalithos Member

    John says that wokeness has no popular support. That’s not true. Wokeness is popular. A majority of people who consider themselves cultured love wokeness. A majority of credentialed people love wokeness. A majority of Millennials and Generation Z love wokeness. A majority of upper-middle-class women love wokeness. A majority of teachers and librarians love wokeness. These groups are massive in number.

    Support for wokeness exists along a spectrum, of course, but its basic positions — that the United States is “systemically racist,” that whites ought to atone publicly for their “privilege,” that western civilization functions as a conspiracy against women, that the “LGBTQ community” deserves to be publicly honored, that self-identified victimhood ought to confer status, etc. — are widely held to be true and inarguable.

    The casually woke may not take their own ideology to its logical conclusions, as some of the professional activists and intellectuals do, but so what? They still defer to those activists and intellectuals.

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