The last of the week’s COMMENTARY podcasts tackles the logic and philosophy in Donald Trump’s proposed budget; what it cuts and where it spends. What does a “hard power,” “America first” budget look like and how much of it will end up in the final legislation? Also, Trump’s revised immigration order hits a snag in the courts… again. Is the courts’ logic sound and could this have been avoided? Give a listen.

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  1. Saint Augustine Member
    Saint Augustine

    One of the bigger problems with Leftist judges interpreting the meaning of law according to the intent of this author is that the same Leftist judges would thus be adopting . . . [dramatic pause] . . . Justice Bork’s version of Originalism.

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  2. connorfamilyr1 Coolidge

    Great podcast!

    Trump’s foreign policy and diplomacy is certainly something to watch, seems to be heading in a dramatically different direction than the status quo.

    Personally I trust Tillerson and Mattis to adjust Trump’s positions where needed. I think the Trump pattern is to take an extreme position to show people he is willing to go this far or be this extreme if necessary then allow his team/advisers to compromise and moderate his positions. I think it’s his process for deal making and a way to get people off balance. I think it might be an act, but I’m not sure.

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  3. rod Inactive

    According to you guys, there’s not a penny we can cut from the budget that will make any difference. One percent spent on foreign aid? Oh, the hell with it. What does that save?

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