On today’s podcast, the COMMENTARY team—Noah Rothman, Abe Greenwald, and John Podhoretz —point out that an uncommonly Trumpian audience watching the Super Bowl was subjected to ads attacking its views. Will that matter? Are these companies shooting themselves in the foot by virtue-signaling? And speaking of signaling, what signal was Donald Trump sending with his moral equivalence between the United States and Russia? How much of this can conservatives take because they know they’re going to get some good policies out of it? Give a listen.

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  1. rgbact Inactive


    Males over 40 are even more irrelevant to corporate advertisers than they are to liberal politicians. Thats how you get SB advertising that spits in the face of the majority of its audience. Now, that may make sense for the advertisers….but it spells doom for the Democrat Party.

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  2. Mrs. Ink Member
    Mrs. Ink

    I watched Super Bowl 51. I did not watch all the commercials. I found the 84 Lumber, Anheuser-Busch, and Audi commercials pretty offensive-a big middle finger to any one who doesn’t believe in open borders. Their whole message was  “We are of the Left, we are right and virtuous, and if you don’t agree, you are a bad person who deserves no voice.”

    I am strongly in favor of law and order. I am against immigration policies that allow large companies like Disney to hire foreign workers, keep them as indentured servants, and fire American workers, so that they can increase their profit margins.

    I am in favor of strict policies against illegal immigration. I am in favor of changing immigration laws so that high skilled immigrants who will benefit the United States are given preference. I think that it is supremely unfair to legal immigrants to favor illegal immigrants. I think that we ought to decrease or halt immigration until recent immigrants have time to assimilate. There is nothing wrong with what might be termed traditional American culture, and much that is right with it (private property, personal responsibility, individual rights). The leftist idea that these things are oppressive rather than uplifting ideals, is not only offensive, but insane, and is driving me and most of my friends and relations further to the right.

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  3. Mrs. Ink Member
    Mrs. Ink

    Regarding the Bill O’Reilly interview of Trump, and Trump’s answer to the question about Putin, does it occur to any one besides me that being friendly to Russia might be a way to keep Russia from being too friendly with China? And that separating Russia from China might be a good strategy?

    Putin probably has killed people, Obama had a “kill list” which included United States citizens, including a sixteen year old boy, who were droned to death with out any kind of due process, and Obama boasted about it. I was not thrilled with Trump’s reply when O’Reilly called Putin a killer, but I have to admit that I do not see much difference between Putin ordering assassinations by polonium and Obama hitting American citizens with drones. If I recall correctly, Obama wanted to extend this power to the continental United States.  So far as I know, Trump has not done this, and he certainly hasn’t bragged about it.

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