COVID-19 cases are rising around the nation, but it is increasingly difficult to get a sense of the pandemic from a media culture that is invested in wrapping the data up in a political narrative. Also, Donald Trump faces a revolt from his right flank amid sagging poll numbers. Can he run an effective campaign against Joe Biden, and what would it look like?

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  1. Steven Iverson Member

    I found this podcast especially annoying. What is Noah talking about when he says Trump’s political career will be ruined if he loses the election to Biden? He has never had a political career, he just happens to have got elected president. He will return to his life as a billionaire real estate developer. And just what more do these pundits want Trump to do to restore law and order? Do they want him to invoke the Insurrection Act and send soldiers into all the Democrat run cities to patrol the streets? Can you imagine how he would be attacked by the Democrats and their media cohorts if he did? Trump signed an executive order which criminalizes the destruction of federal monuments and imposes a fine and up to 10 years in prison on anyone who vandalizes a monument.

    I also find Ms. Rosen’s jolly attitude quite annoying at a time when the country is going through this horrendous time and we are about to lose America and our liberties and our prosperity, not to mention our national security to the radical leftist Democrats who if they take over will do everything they can to entrench themselves in power, including opening the borders to all comers.


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    • June 28, 2020, at 2:53 PM PDT
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  2. Steven Iverson Member

    And should Durham’s investigation which is reportedly expanding and now going “full-throttle” lead to indictments against Obama administration bad actors you can bet the Democrats and the media will convince a majority of people that it is Trump who has politicized and weaponized the DOJ to go after his enemies. This is a perilous time for America.

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    • June 28, 2020, at 2:54 PM PDT
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