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  1. Jeff Hawkins Coolidge
    Jeff Hawkins

    I don’t think the issue was Liz Cheney siding with her principles more than Liz Cheney siding with Adam Schiff’s methods

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  2. AllanMorris Coolidge

    There were two elided issues in tonight’s discussion of Liz Cheney’s rejection by Wyoming Republicans. The first is that Cheney was seen as handpicked by Democrats to further their political ends in casting Trump as the prime mover behind the Jan.6th riot. This gives rise to the notion that it was a kangaroo court set up to convict Trump and that her disdain for Trump was such that she colluded with Democrats despite the clear political intent of the committee. Trump might be culpable but the larger issue is whether the committee is set up to provide natural justice for him. For many in Wyoming I suspect this could be seen as a rigged “court” presided over by a hanging judge and one in which Cheney is part of .

    The other point,missed I think by the four. is that Cheney’s Wyoming roots are tenuous(Byron York has covered this in detail.) With her focus so concentrated on Jan 6th she might have been seen as forgetting Wyoming’s particular interests which her primary opponent – with  roots in the state that go back six generations has talked about throughout her campaign. This makes John’s point that Wyoming just did not want to hear about Jan.6th anymore only half right. Maybe they wanted also wanted to hear about -what’s this got to do with Wyoming?

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  3. WilliamWarford Coolidge

    The instant the Jan. 6 hearings are finally over and she is of no more use to them, the laudatory articles will come to a screeching halt. 

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  4. Buckpasser Member

    Simple.  Wyoming wanted someone to represent Wyoming.  Instead they found out they had a representative of Washington D.C.

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