Today’s podcast features a response from all of us to a great letter from a listener who believes John is far too harsh about the question of who gets vaccinated. See whom you agree with! And, again, when will they say the pandemic is over when the pandemic… is… over… NOW. Give a listen.

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  1. Andrew Member

    Haven’t listened for a while because this gaggle has such deep contempt for the Republican/conservative base. This episode reinforced my assessment and decision.

    COVID is not at all the same as smallpox, and comparing them is utterly ridiculous.

    The rest of the country doesn’t live packed together like sardines in NYC.

    The rest of the country isn’t surrounded by godless progressives who are horrified by their own mortality (these boobs have all absorbed that pathetic fear). 

    And the notion that John would appeal to community after dumping on the likes of JD Vance and Tucker Carlson is actually shocking. Destroying entire communities across the interior of the country so that we might pay marginally less for gadgets is A-OK, but *how dare you* not get a shot for a virus as deadly as the flu.

    Won’t be back. Adios.

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