The COMMENTARY podcast dives into the debate over the bounds of liberty as every state in the Union moves in the direction of reopening their societies and economies. Meanwhile, China’s crackdown presents opportunities for the president to strike politically advantageous contrasts.

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  1. Sal Member

    What Billionaires Do for Us

    Every time I hear someone malign billionaires I remember a statistic from Ed Conard’s book The Upside of Inequality in which he quotes a study by William Nordhaus. The study calculated how much of the value of an innovation was captured by the owners of the innovating enterprise and the number was about 5%. That means that 95% of the value of an innovative business is captured by consumers, employees and government.

    If you succeeded in eliminating billionaires we would all be a lot poorer due to reduced innovation.

    Hug a billionaire the next time you meet one, he or she has made you richer.

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    • May 22, 2020, at 12:33 PM PDT
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  2. FredGoodhue Coolidge

    The Washington Post Outlook section just recently had articles saying how we have too much freedom, and how bad billionaires are. Yes, these are trends.

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    • May 22, 2020, at 2:22 PM PDT
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  3. ToryWarWriter Thatcher

    I am a logistics profession who worked for one of the largest grocery companies in Canada, and then two years with Toyota.

    What @jpodhoretz was talking about the supply chain, is exactly what I have been fearing for the last two months. Whats going to happen with some critical widget cripples the entire trucking industry and some thing we never thought was ‘essential’ is causing 30 percent of trucks to be short because we dont have the ‘non-essential’ product.

    Someone really needs to have that kind of conversation, but sadly no one on our dozens of podcasts on Ricochet is anyone talking about that.

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    • May 24, 2020, at 9:20 AM PDT
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