John Podhoretz is out on assignment this week. Filling in, Abe Greenwald and Noah Rothman dig into a weekend of anti-Trump protests and some violence, punctuated by reports of racist acts of harassment and vandalism by Trump supporters. Do Donald Trump’s early administration picks give us a window into how he will govern? Finally, which direction will the Democratic Party go as it enters a rebuilding period? We probably already know the answer to that one.

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  1. terichristoph Podcaster

    Dear lord, that beeping in the background …

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  2. Ryan M(cPherson) Member
    Ryan M(cPherson)

    It may well be that the sound of trucks backing up is white noise in New York, but after about 15 minutes of driving me absolutely crazy, I had to turn it off.

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  3. Cow Girl Thatcher
    Cow Girl

    I totally agree. The occasional siren, some jack hammering, okay, okay. We know it’s in the city. But that beeping made me twitch. Guys, sometimes you need to maybe go sit inside a closet or something.

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  4. mfgcbot Inactive

    Great job, guys. Nice to hear more from Abe, who doesn’t speak nearly enough in the course of the regular, three-man cast podcasts.

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  5. Freesmith Inactive

    This is from John Podhoretz, the NeverTrumper editor of Commentary magazine and normally a contributor to this podcast, writing today on Steve Bannon:

    “The president of the United States should not have a tawdry, destructive, and repulsively uncivilized goon as a chief strategist. One can hope he will be moved into a tiny windowless office at the end of the hall in the West Wing next to the closet where they keep the toilet paper and scrub brushes. One can hope.”

    No, this is not some high school snot-nose writing in his school’s alternative newspaper. They are the words of the EDITOR of a major journal of conservative opinion. which is headquartered in cosmopolitan New York – the son of Norman Podhoretz.

    Haters gotta hate.

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  6. rico Inactive

    Great podcast. I appreciate the shorter format…something worth considering for future podcasts.

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