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  1. Jim Wright Coolidge

    Crushing morosity sells! Congratulations on 500 episodes and the rise in the podcast rankings.

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    • June 25, 2020, at 10:50 AM PDT
  2. The Cloaked Gaijin Member

    I generally like statues. I am sorry that John doesn’t.

    I think statues like stained-glass windows were a way to teach those who could not read or write.

    I am horrified when art and architecture is destroyed.

    Every so often the Chinese Communists will tear down a church. I guess they do this a lot, but photos and information are very limited. I used to point this out on a political forum where I was just about the only conservative. An article stated that the Chinese Christians had donated their coffin money to the building of one specific church.

    The liberals I used to know loved art and would always defend architecture. However, these modern Leftists would only make fun of the term coffin money.

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    • June 26, 2020, at 12:46 AM PDT
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