James B. Meigs joins City Journal senior editor Steven Malanga to discuss the limitations of renewable energy and the need to expand nuclear technology as a source of clean and reliable electricity.

For nearly four decades, environmental activists have opposed nuclear power in favor of “green” energy. But as Meigs writes in the Winter 2019 Issue of City Journal, “nuclear power is finding new pockets of support around the world.”

Meigs is the former editor of Popular Mechanics and cohost of the How Do We Fix It? podcast.

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  1. colleenb Member

    I had seen the mention of the gas hookups in the news but this gives me more information on what is happening.  It is ironic that the stable energy sources are the ones that are hurt financially because they don’t have a down period as wind and solar do.  And no one ever seems to talk about how long the wind and solar sources last.  My understanding is that they only last for 10-20 years v. nuclear which is, I believe, much longer.  Everything has to be replaced which many ‘green’ people seem to forget.  Its great to have an electric car but it still has to be replaced.

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