City Hall Republicans

City Journal editor Brian Anderson and senior editor Steve Malanga discuss the GOP’s new generation of pragmatic, problem-solving mayors that have helped turn around some of America’s struggling cities.

City Journal is a magazine of urban affairs, published by the Manhattan Institute.

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  1. Ian M. Inactive
    Ian M.

    As a Californian, this podcast and the article are really interesting (given the CA examples)… as the bills come in for the state-run pensions, I wonder if it will help more people consider Republicans for statewide offices again.

    The point about how mayors like De Blasio talk about “income inequality,” but can’t do much about it, stands out to me.  I imagine that GOP mayors/municipal figures are at a disadvantage because their lack of opining on topics like that make them easy to frame as insensitive about them – essentially, Democrats promise something, however unrealistic, and the GOP has “nothing.”  I’d like to think that Trump may have at least inspired people/politicians to speak a little more frankly about things (e.g., “it’s not the city’s job to make decisions about gay marriage/Citizens United/corporate personhood/income inequality”), but who knows.

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