Charles Fain Lehman joins Brian Anderson to discuss the nationwide crisis of police recruitment and retention, the strong link between the size of a police force and the local crime rate, and policy changes that could stop the downward spiral.

Lehman recently joined the Manhattan Institute as an adjunct fellow, working with its new Policing and Public Safety Initiative. His latest article for City Journal is “Police Departments on the Brink.”

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  1. Taras Coolidge

    I know a very bright and talented young man whose goal to enter police work. He changed his mind after this year‘s events, and has joined the Coast Guard instead.

    Interesting that neither of these conservative scholars suggest improving policing through increased competition.  One police force per city is socialist thinking.

    I could easily envision a racially troubled city hiring a minority-run, minority-staffed security firm to patrol minority districts.  It would probably be tougher on minority criminals than white policemen dare to be, but no one would make a big deal of it.

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  2. Quinnie Member

    I had downloaded this podcast, but did not listen to it until today.   This young man giving us his perspective on policing is emblematic of today’s youth.   College educated and completely clueless about life.   I am too old to dissect each of his disturbingly uninformed comments.   I urge him to go live life and come back in 10 years with his views on policing.  

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