Read this episode description in a deep voice-over voice. Now imagine a quaint New England town nestled below a small mountain because it’s New England and not Colorado. There’s a church steeple with the bell tolling. Don’t forget the deep voice: This Christmas season. Cut to Mary Katharine Ham. She’s stepping across the road. She’s probably wearing, like, earmuffs or something because it’s snowing. Probably should have mentioned that at the beginning. Back to the epic voice over: One woman will dare to watch all the Christmas movies. Cut to Mary Katharine entering a movie theater. Joined by her friends. Each week, she’ll talk about her favorite movies in the best damn Christmas movie podcast ever made: A Christmas Ham with Mary Katharine Ham. It’s a play on words. Because Christmas ham is something you eat on Christmas, and Mary Katharine’s last name is Ham. Never mind; just subscribe!

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  1. Happy Wonderer Inactive
    Happy Wonderer

    It is disappointing that around midday Christmas Eve we still don’t have the Die Hard A Christmas Ham episode. Makes one feel like the inhabitants of the Island of Misfit Toys at the end of Rudolf.

    Charlie in the Box: “Well, it’s Christmas Eve, but …”

    Spotted Elephant: “Looks like we’re forgotten again.”

    Dolly: “But Mary Katharine promised we’d have it this time.”

    Charlie in the Box: “Oh, I guess the media storm was too much for her. Might, might just as well go to bed and start dreaming about next year.”

    Dolly: “I don’t have any dreams left to dream. We’ll never get the Die Hard episode. Never.”


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