A Christmas Prince: The Sequel

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  1. MB Member

    Jim Geraghty had a comment about Hallmark Christmas movies in The Morning Jolt recently.  His analysis isn’t quite as sophisticated as MK’s, but it is pretty good.  I think he’s a natural for this podcast.  The male perspective would enrich the discussion immeasurably.   

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  2. GadgetGal Thatcher

    As always, enjoyed this–nice to get a warning about the sequel (not that I will watch ANY of these movies).

    I did watch the trailer for this one and I have a proposed amendment to the Christmas movie rubric–expand the precocious child category to include quasi “Tiny Tims”–kids who overcome noticeable limitations through sheer optimism, a sunny disposition and a hefty dose of Christmas cheer.

    Thank you MKH–so much fun to giggle along with you and your guests.



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  3. La Tapada Member
    La Tapada

    I’m enjoying these so much! (They’re a little bit like Mystery Science Theater.)

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  4. Full Size Tabby Member
    Full Size Tabby

    Another great review. 

    I did watch this, and I do want to quibble with your trope count. You concluded there is no “workaholic.” But, I think the repeated dragging of the prince away from his liaisons with Amber in order to deal with the financial crisis in the kingdom fulfills the same purpose as having a workaholic, and so I think that should count. 

    I found Amber’s complaining about the “censoring” of her blog insufferable. Sweetie, if you’re marrying into a royal family, the royal family owns you, the royal family is an institution, not a real family (see Netflix’s own “The Crown”), anything you say or do reflects on the royal family, so of course the royal family is going to control what you put out on a blog. Loss of independence is the price you pay for linking up with royalty. Suck it up sugar pie.


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  5. Happy Wonderer Inactive
    Happy Wonderer

    Where’s season 2 with the must have Die Hard trope count episode?

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