Washington seems to be having conflicts with Beijing on almost every front. There’s everything from the trade war to China’s culpability in spreading the coronavirus to its repression of civil liberties in Hong Kong. News headlines regularly scream about a new Cold War between the United States and China. 

Are we in a new Cold War with China? China would be a much more formidable enemy than Iraq, the Taliban, or ISIS. How should the United States confront China in multiple realms—economic, political, military, public health, human rights—while avoiding an unintentional war? 

We speak with retired Admiral Gary Roughead, former Chief of Naval Operations, and one of two people in the Navy’s history to command both the U.S. Atlantic and Pacific Fleets.

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  1. Aaron Miller Inactive
    Aaron Miller

    True, there is real innovation in China and not just theft. But it’s not a comparable economy. Chinese government does not support rampant litigation to discourage risk taking. They don’t hyper-regulate industries with concern for everything but productivity, like modern American government. 

    The United States is no longer a frontier society. China’s government is intrusive but with very different interests. 

    America’s relative economic stagnation would occur regardless of China’s ascent. We are just at that final stage of powerful civilizations. To kickstart innovation here, we don’t need to learn from China so much as learn from our own history and untangle the knots we put ourselves in.

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