Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, we’ve heard a lot about anti-Asian racism. From New York to San Francisco, there have been reports of slurs, taunts, and violence. Recently, several horrific attacks committed by young black men against the elderly have caught national attention.

Numerous Asian American activists and political leaders have blamed former President Trump, noting that his use of the terms “Kung Flu,” “China virus” or “Chinese virus” has led to the increase in racism and violence.

Is Trump responsible for young black men in urban areas committing hate crimes against Asian Americans? How should Americans hold China accountable for infecting the world with COVID-19? And how should Asian Americans distinguish themselves from China’s culpability?

We discuss with Betty Chu, former mayor of Monterey Park and the first Chinese-American woman to co-found and run a bank, and Jeremy Carl, senior fellow at the Claremont Institute.

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