Carter Page, the only man wiretapped — that we know of — in the Trump-Russia probe describes what it was like in the grand jury with Robert Mueller’s prosecutors. Also, what did the FBI ask in five, count ’em five, interviews? And then the question: Can you tell if you’re under surveillance?

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  1. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    Its refreshing to hear real journalism is still being done. Its not in the media anymore its on podcasts.


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  2. Goldwaterwoman Thatcher

    Talk about a tough interview! Page is one tough guy from which to get a straight answer. His constant references to Guantanamo Bay when referring to his treatment were interesting but incomplete despite your repeated efforts to get him to be more specific. His intense hatred for the interrogators came through loud and clear.

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  3. Quinnie Member

    I tend to believe Mr. Page, but he makes it difficult.  He never provided clarifying examples of the hell he went through.   And if I heard one more “you know” I was going to scream.   I don’t know, that is why I listened to the podcast.

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  4. Chris Member

    Byron demonstrated the patience of a saint both with this interview and the prior one.  It is fairly clear why these folks were peripheral to the campaign – they were not good advocates of their positions and just let set up questions go by to rant about something else.

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  5. Adriana Harris Inactive
    Adriana Harris

    Excellent interview of a very slippery subject. Thank you Byron for your integrity and impeccable journalism.

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  6. Max Ledoux Coolidge
    Max Ledoux

    Another very interesting and important interview. 

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  7. Semperfimom Member

    Excellent interview Byron.  I believe Carter Page is probably the Boysyish-Boy Scout alive, but wish he would give more solid answers and stay a bit calmer.  I feel so bad for what the Democrats put him through.  We have such a fascistic 1/2 of our government with so many others that are involved secretly.  We need to hold the other half accountable to drain that swamp.  When 93% of the people in D.C. vote Democrat, how can they possibly be fair.  I really love your style though Byron.  Thanks!

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  8. Arahant Member

    God bless you, Byron.

    I usually give a lot of leeway on obnoxiousness, glass houses and all that, but had I been on a grand jury he was testifying before, I would have recommended capital charges be brought against him just to shut him up.

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  9. colleenb Member

    This reminds me a lot of the interview with Papa D.  Both of these guys are all over the map BUT they should not have been spied on, interviewed by the FBI for hours, etc.  Thanks again to Byron for his hard work.

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