So where should U.S. Attorney John Durham start as he investigates the Trump-Russia investigation? Well, he might start by talking with former prosecutor Andrew McCarthy. Then: You want to get into the Trump-Russia weeds? This is the place. What about the CIA’s involvement in starting the investigation? How come we don’t hear much about that? Did the FBI, with Carter Page warrant, surf the “upstream part of the Internet” for Trump info? And what about that 2-hop thing? That and more from a man who really knows his Trump-Russia stuff.

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  1. Member

    Great conversation, gents.

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    • May 15, 2019, at 10:32 AM PDT
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  2. Member

    About 8 minutes – we don’t know that the Russians were behind the hack of the DNC. The FBI never examined the DNC computers and some allege that the download speeds indicate that it was an inside job. Given its importance in starting the investigation, one would think that the FBI would have insisted on physical examination of the computers. It’s as if they had a theory and didn’t want to test it lest it fail.

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    • May 15, 2019, at 11:11 AM PDT
  3. Coolidge

    It’s great Durham is investigating the time period before Trump was President, but what about the abuses under Mueller?

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    • May 15, 2019, at 12:16 PM PDT
  4. Lincoln

    It’s no surprise, and I guess it’s already known, but it is stated here in this podcast that government has been looking up info that they’ve collected on US persons, even though the law said they were not supposed to – around 32:30. Who didn’t think they were from the get go – no-one. No big deal, the government has already de facto abolished the 4th amendment long ago. … And I’d say that the government collecting meta data on us via telecom companies comes close to a violation of the 3rd amendment.

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    • May 16, 2019, at 7:17 AM PDT
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  5. Thatcher

    When I hear the name Sidney Blumenthal, my antenna skyrocket. Suddenly the entire Russia collusion story makes sense. The consumate dirty trickster, best buds with Hillary Clinton, has done her bidding for years. Watch this interview of Dick Morris with Laura Ingraham in February 2018. Unfortunately, Ingraham doesn’t give him enough time to make his case, but Morris goes way back with the Clintons and their involvement with Blumenthal. 

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    • May 16, 2019, at 12:05 PM PDT
  6. Coolidge

    Great interview.

    Would 60 Minutes accept podcasts as auditions for the open spot on the show? If so make sure the producers get these episodes, they’ve been fantastic.

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    • May 17, 2019, at 8:55 AM PDT