Donald Trump is now the only president ever impeached twice. Yes, that says a lot about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s, and the Democratic Party’s, obsessive quest to remove him from office. But the impeachment is also the result of a disastrous turn in Trump’s presidency since the November 3 election. The turn was so consequential that it makes sense to divide Trump’s term into the time before November 3, 2020, and then what happened after. With the notable exception of the COVID vaccine, everything Trump did after the election has led to catastrophe for himself, the Republican Party, and the nation. And it all stemmed from one decision: Trump’s refusal to accept the results of the election.

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  1. Manny Member

    This was a superb podcast.  You nailed it Byron.  I see it exactly as you described here.  A brilliant four years of substantial accomplishments but a disastrous, self-destructive end.  I’m really saddened by it.  I just hope his reputation can be restored down the road somehow.  But more importantly I hope his agenda continue on.  

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  2. GFHandle Member

     This is how I see it, too.  All the makings of a classical tragedy. Hamartia, not so much “a tragic flaw” as “missing the mark” or even “spilling kin blood.”


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