Trump or Biden, who will win in November?

Rachel “The Doc” Bitecofer, Ph.D., host of Election Whisperer on YouTube and the election forecaster for the Niskanen Center, joins Speak-Easy to discuss her journey as a single mom finishing a Ph.D., her entry into election forecasting and the 2020 November presidential race.

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  1. ChrisShearer Coolidge

    C’mon guys, push back a little bit.  “Hispanic diversity is geographic” (in distinction from Black voters) as an explanation for black voter uniformity.  Is she saying the Black voter In Mississippi is the same as the black voter in LA? Nearly 1 in 5 Black Americans is 1st or second generation (including our most recent ex-President).  African-Americans seem pretty diverse to me.  And you two, of all interviewers, I would think, would question that explanation a least a little.

    And to suggest that the reason for not having a 90/10 split among Hispanic/Latino voters is because the Democrats are poor campaigners, won’t get tough and won’t call Republicans “racist”!  If I’ve heard one word thrown at Republicans more than any other in the past 8+ years its “racist”.  And unfortunately its lost its force.

    I really started out liking this podcast:  an interesting and diverse roster of guests. But you two need to have some tough questions or at least the “help me understand how…” type questions.

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