Antonia speaks with JaPharii Jones, the president of the Virginia chapter of Black Lives Matter.  The number 757 refers to the area code of the chapter. This chapter is unique in that it is very vocal about its pro-Second Amendment stance. Antonia talks to Mr. Jones about their stand to remain independent. And the inconsistencies he sees on both sides of the political spectrum.

1. Why the national BLM is pro-gun control. And why the BLM 757 chapter is not. (1:30)

2. Stop Using the term “Law-Abiding” (6:15)

3. People and principles (not party) (10:05)

4. Crips vs. Bloods mentality  (13:14)

5. How can the 2A Community Reach out? (14:55)

6. Why BLM 757 rocks with the Boogaloos and other 2A militia groups (18:51)

7. Kyle Rittenhouse (19:57)

8. Is the 2A community consistent? (24:59)

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