Co-chair of Pro-Life Voices for Trump Coalition, Christina Bennett @BlackProLifeWoman) and Charmaine Davis of The AND Campaign’s new bipartisan initiative, “The Whole Life Project,”  join Antonia Okafor Cover this week to see if it is possible for Republicans and Democrats to see eye to eye on the pro-life movement.

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Published in: Culture

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  1. colleenb Member

    Great interviews with great ladies doing good works. I look to my daughter-in-law and her friend for how to talk about pro-life with people but also appreciated Ms. Bennett and Ms. Davis’ insights and suggestions. Thanks.

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  2. Antonia Okafor Podcaster
    Antonia Okafor

    Thank you so much for listening! I learned a lot from both of them as well. Let us know if there is a topic that you would like us to explore for future episodes. 

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  3. JuliaBlaschke Coolidge

    Loved the interview.  I find it hard to talk to people supporting BLM because I have a lot of trouble differentiating between people who agree with the concept that black lives matter from the people and groups who have glommed onto the movement who obviously are only about destruction, anarchy and Marxism. When you protest alongside people carrying swastikas, you are supporting Nazis and if you protest among looters and rioters, you are supporting anarchy. I do not support the whole kneeling thing and Kaepernick who I believe to be a fraud, using real pain caused by corrupt police to enrich himself and his Marxist agenda. All the while working for Nike who uses slave labor to make their overpriced goods and then makes ads touting their social conscience. I think that protestors who want justice for George Floyd and others need to find a way to distance themselves from these conmen and leftists. I do want change but I do not want the police defunded and cities destroyed. 

    For me the abortion thing is simple. I was a single mother briefly (now a grandma happily married for 35 years to that baby’s father). I considered an abortion for about two minutes but thankfully quickly realized that I could not kill another human being because of my carelessness.  After carrying 3 babies and having 3 wonderful children it is impossible for me to be anything other than pro life. That first baby is now the father of 2 babies that would not have existed if I had made the wrong choice. If I had aborted in the first trimester it would not have made that choice any better. A human being would have been killed and other human beings would never exist.  

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