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  1. MarciN Member

    A wonderful interview. I agree completely with David Swerdlick. I’ve never heard or read an opinion like mine, so that’s fun for me. Michelle Obama was much more radical than Barack. I think Republicans fused the thinking of Barack and Michelle together and formed an inaccurate impression of Barack.  Both Barack and one of his dearest friends Duval Patrick, former governor of Massachusetts, saw and followed a pretty straight conservative line to health, wealth, and prosperity. :-)

    I would even say that President Obama was upset at how radical the 2019 group of Democratic Party primary candidates was, and he supported none of them. He was most concerned about Elizabeth Warren as being too radical, and correctly so. She wanted big changes, the consequences of which she had not thought through or didn’t care about and just wanted to grab attention for suggestion outlandish change. He actually promoted late in the process the candidacy of Duval Patrick, his good friend.


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  2. Hank Rhody, Badgeless Bandito Contributor
    Hank Rhody, Badgeless Bandito

    Imagine, if you will, a sailboat in San Francisco bay. It’s tacking against the wind. It takes a great sweep towards San Fran, and a great sweep back towards Oakland. If you only measure the sweeps as they move towards Oakland you could make a pretty good case that that was the destination in mind.

    You can tell me that Obama’s rhetoric was surprisingly conservative, but then you can’t also tell me that we got Obamacare as it was because he couldn’t get Single Payer. If he’s advocating single payer then he’s not using conservative rhetoric. 

    “When we measure Obama’s economy ignoring the fact that he started in the depths of the Great Recession we see a lot of growth, more than Trump’s economy when we measure the end point in the middle of a pandemic.” 

    The guy also makes a great deal of hay out of the malleable definition of conservatism. To be fair though, if the measure he’s measuring against are the warm bodies that make up Washington he may have a point. If all conservatism is is restraining the slow drift leftwards to a pace that won’t scare the horses, then yeah, Obama ain’t that far out of the mainstream.

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