This week, Mona and Jay talk about John Kerry and that chimera known as “the Middle East peace process.” The truth is sadly simple, they say: There will be peace the second the Arabs want to coexist – and not a second before. Then they chew over leftist nonsense on campus. Jay says that maybe we make too big a deal out of this nonsense; Mona quickly talks him out of it. Later, they discuss a Kennedy-family award to George Bush the Elder. You know how Democrats like their Republicans: dead or long retired. Finally, Mona and Jay go down Memory Lane a bit about Edwin Edwards, the Louisiana politician and rascal – who’s out of jail and runnin’ for office again.

Early in the podcast, they talk about Breaking Away, the 1979 movie set in Bloomington, Indiana. That movie uses Mendelssohn’s “Italian” Symphony, which is the music the podcast exits on.

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    I am sorry Mona but on the Jeb Bush issue you are wrong. The man is terrific and deserves every ounce of support we can give him. Give me a reason other than his last name to be against him.



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    • April 4, 2014 at 6:53 pm
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    OT: One of the most interesting episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent ran about 10 years ago. In it, the episode cast the actor pictured above, then probably well into his 40s, along with the actor who played his father in Breaking Away, then probably well into his 60s. In the episode, they played a son and a father. It was fascinating to seem them paired after more than 25 years.

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    • April 5, 2014 at 5:19 am
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    Sandra, Jeb Bush’s inexplicable support for Common Core. Feel free to substitute Obama speeches and excerpts from the Federal Register for classical texts. Leave education to state and local governments.

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    • April 5, 2014 at 5:21 am
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    Sandra: How about his support for amnesty! If we legalize 15mm illegals, conservatives may never win another election in this country. That’s a pretty good reason.

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    • April 5, 2014 at 9:31 am
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    I watched Breaking Away after listening to the podcast yesterday. Hadn’t seen in since sometime in the 1980s. As a life-long cyclist and racer I cannot think of a better film. It was just pure joy. Thank you for recommending it, Mona. I had truly forgotten how good a movie it is. I am just going to keep it permanently in my Netflix queue and watch it every so often.

    On a less fortunate issue, I watched Jay’s interview with Jeb Bush several weeks ago. I really liked him based on the interview. Then he came out in support of Common Core. Yesterday he made a completely inane statement about illegal immigration being an “act of love.” I would like to like him, but he only opens his mouth to change feet. I am sure he is sincere, but being sincere is lot more effective if you demonstrate a degree of intelligence at the same time.

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    • April 6, 2014 at 6:38 pm
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  6. Profile photo of swatter Inactive

    Mona and Jay, love that you are both “manning up” and embracing your Establishment credentials. You know, you can be part of the Establishment (i.e. Beltway) and still maintain your conservative credentials.

    I love that you both are coming around to my viewpoint- okay, we didn’t like what Cruz did but, you know what, we have to have an alternative. That seems to be where you are at today. So, am waiting for ideas and thoughts of what you think needs to be done. Gotta be a little more specific than “we have to do something other than whine”.

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    • April 7, 2014 at 7:20 am
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  7. Profile photo of swatter Inactive

    Sandra, I agree 100% on your essence of Jeb Bush. When he speaks or is interviewed, people listen. He just seems to have that gravitas we expect from a president.

    However, my beef, besides Common Core and immigration, is when he banned off-shore drilling off Florida, thus allowing the Chinese and Cubans to tap into that reserve. Think about it. Someone is drilling there whether his ideals against drilling were compromised or not. Better under U.S. regulations than under no regulation and money going to China.

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    • April 7, 2014 at 7:22 am
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  8. Profile photo of Mr Tall Inactive

    Common Core, immigration (stating that illegal immigration is ‘an act of love’ seals it for me on this one) and broad-based exhaustion with the Bush name (nothing personal or even partisan; it’s balanced perfectly by broad-based exhaustion with the Clinton name) add up to three strikes — and Jeb’s out. It may well be Jeb’s the most ‘qualified’ candidate we’ve got, but this is not his time. I agree with Jay that there’s nothing inherently harmful electing Adamses or Roosevelts or Bushes as president, but a father and two sons in thirty years is too close to a dynasty for me.

    In a similar vein, I’ve seen Mitt Romney’s name being bruited about yet again as the 2016 candidate. Same story: superb qualifications, no doubt an honorable man, but his time is past, too. 

    I consider myself a fairly mild social conservative, but I perceive the distance between my views and the ‘establishment’ growing greater by the day. Immigration is at the heart of this, I think: when even former conservative darlings such as Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan seem to be pandering to the Hispanic vote by going squishy on immigration, it spreads feeling of deep unease and mistrust among us conservatives. And Jeb’s ‘act of love’ comment is hard to interpret as anything other than putting down the predicate for amnesty.

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    • April 8, 2014 at 12:05 am
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  9. Profile photo of Ontheleftcoast Member

    FWIW, Pollard wasn’t just Israel’s spy. That aside, consider what Obama/Kerry proposed: Pollard – imprisoned in the US for crimes against the US – to be traded for terrorists imprisoned in Israel for warfare and crimes against Israel. 

    If Israel’s repeated request for Pollard’s release has been mistaken, Obama wants to hold them to it. In addition, the quo for that quid is the release of a large number of terrorists. The inevitable murders that the releasees will commit can reasonably be expected to weaken Netanyahu’s position; it has even been suggested that it might bring down his government which would no doubt deeply sadden Obama.

    Second, it isn’t just that petty criminals break windows or smoke on the subways, it’s the trahison des clercs that excuses it away or even calls it art.

    Finally, Jay is absolutely right about alliteration. It’s a core mode in the English language –

    Hwæt! We Gardena in geardagum,

    þeodcyninga, þrym gefrunon,

    hu ða æþelingas ellen fremedon.

    Even though it’s turf wars and brawls being written about, it really gets you in the kishkas. I’m looking forward to the release of the Tolkein Beowulf. 

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    • April 9, 2014 at 9:24 am
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