“You didn’t build that,” said President Obama, notoriously. Oh yes we did, replies Philip F. Anschutz, in his new book, Out Where the West Begins: Profiles, Visions, and Strategies of Early Western Business Leaders.Bookmonger Out Where the West Begins

Anschutz doesn’t reply directly–the book is a work of history and “Obama” doesn’t appear in the index–but the president’s words were on his mind as he about finishing his manuscript, as he explains in this podcast with The Bookmonger.

Anschutz is one of the great business leaders of our time. He is the owner of the Denver-based Anschutz Corporation, with interests in communications, transportation, natural resources, real estate, lodging, and entertainment. In this conversation, he discusses his love of history and he identifies the business leader who has inspired him above all of the others.

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  1. jzdro Member

    Thanks are due to Mr. Anschutz not only for building his businesses, writing and publishing, and praising his mother in public, but also for making his art collection available for the public to enjoy.

    The American Museum of Western Art – Anschutz Collection has been open to the public since 2010.  Still available is the 2010 book Painters and the American Westas well as the second Volume, of 2013.


    Bierstadt’s Wind River, Wyoming is in the part of the Collection called “The Hudson River and Rocky Mountain Schools.”

    Thank you, Mr. Anschutz.

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