The Bookmonger podcast will appear on Mondays — or on Tuesdays, when we have a special reason. And today, we have a special reason: Government Against ItselfWe’re launching the series this week (go here for yesterday’s first edition) and we want to share fresh content. Listen to my 10-minute conversation with Daniel DiSalvo, author of Government Against Itself: Public Union Power and Its Consequences.

We talk about why public-employee unions are a problem, whether cops and firefighters deserve collective-bargaining rights, and why labor economists and labor historians have failed to study this phenomenon of modern liberalism.

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  1. Matede Inactive

    Hey we were just talking about this guy. Can’t wait to listen.

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  2. tabula rasa Inactive
    tabula rasa

    Will the podcast be available on i-Tunes?  Hope so.

    Duh!!  There it is in Ricochet list.

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  3. Blue Yeti Admin
    Blue Yeti

    This show is now on iTunes here (it was just approved a few minutes ago, so may take a couple of hours for it to show up everywhere).

    • #3
  4. TeeJaw Inactive

    It’s much better quality audio than “Between the Covers” was, which was terrible. Great!

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  5. Owl of Minerva Member
    Owl of Minerva

    DiSalvo is a classy guy!

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