Empire & Revolution: The Political Life of Edmund Burke

Bourke on Burke — say that ten times fast. Or better yet, listen to the Bookmonger’s 10-minute conversation with Richard Bourke, author of Empire & Revolution: The Political Life of Edmund Burke.

We discuss why American conservatives admire Burke so much, what Burke liked about the American Revolution but hated about the French Revolution, and how Burke’s life in the grubby world of politics shaped his ideas as a thinker whose work we still read today.

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Published in: Religion & Philosophy

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  1. Leigh Member

    I am looking forward to this…

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  2. Eeyore Member

    So that’s Edmund Burke. I thought it might be John Hawkins of Right Wing News.

    john hawkins

    • #2
  3. katievs Member

    Great interview. Thanks, John. Maybe because of all the discussion going on around Pope Francis’s visit, I tuned in especially to his Christianity factor. He saw the fundamental moral values of Christianity as vital for the shaping of political conservatism and right principles for governance. I agree with him. I also love and agree completely with the distinction between the American Revolution as an act of self-defense and the French Revolution as an act of aggression against the state.

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  4. Augustine Member

    Burke, Machiavelli, Cicero.  And let’s not forget Marcus Aurelius and my homeboy Boethius–the best politician-philosopher of them all!

    • #4