Bill reviewed the Mueller Hearings with John Yoo, Law Professor at Berkeley. Yoo’s the Emanuel Heller Professor of Law and director of the Korea Law Center, the California Constitution Center, and the Law School’s Program in Public Law and Policy. He’s also a visiting fellow at American Enterprise Institute. Also, Bill continued his assault on soccer with a conversation with Chris Beach, former producer of Morning in America.

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  1. Taras Coolidge

    Establishment Republicans are slow learners.

    John Yoo explains that, because of Bob Mueller’s sterling reputation and supposedly Republican background, he had not been concerned about the investigators’ bias. Until now.

    “After watching those … painful hearings … it makes me wonder, was this investigation really as neutral as I thought it was, if Mueller really wasn’t in charge? Then you actually have the possibility that he was … taken advantage of by these much harder partisan people who wanted to use the investigation …”

    Another slow learning establishment Republican is Andrew McCarthy. By his own account, for a long time he refused to believe that the FBI would engage in the kind of misconduct that he now admits they did.

    Because we all judge other people by ourselves, conservatives have always tended to underestimate the duplicity of the Left. Leftists believe the goodness of their goals puts them above traditional morality.

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    • August 5, 2019, at 10:23 AM PST
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