Julie Gunlock talks to lifelong Fairfax County resident Casey Chalk about his Federalist article, in which he describes how Northern Virginia has become an unwelcome place for conservative and religious families. Chalk, who actually taught in Fairfax County schools, now homeschools his own children and is considering a move away from NOVA in order to protect them from the relentless woke and anti-Christian messages that have become ubiquitous in the region.


Casey Chalk is a Senior Contributor at The Federalist and an editor and columnist at The New Oxford Review.

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  1. colleenb Member

    Thanks for the this interview. I first read Mr. Chalk in First Things and then one of his Federalist articles. Perhaps because I also live in northern Virginia, his writings have really been superb in capturing this area. I am also a product of Fairfax County schools but would never send my child to them at this point. I have a young friend who teaches high school for Ffx County. She says that this year the transgender identification and such like is off the charts – and that’s among the students (mostly girls of course). It is beyond sad to see an expensive and once good school system be brought so low.

    • #1