The latest FEMA “strategic plan” mentions “risking natural hazard risk” but not a peep about global warming, rising sea levels or devastating weather. Alice Hill, a Hoover Institution research fellow focusing on building resilience to catastrophic events, discusses the Trump Administration’s reluctance to utter the phrase “climate change” and where scientific debate stands in 2018.

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  1. Israel P. Member
    Israel P.

    The young people are onboard because their teachers put them there. This is a good thing??? I think not.

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  2. Bishop Wash Member
    Bishop Wash

    The guest couldn’t think of a reason that people aren’t onboard with climate change and the solutions she’s offering. It’s because the proposed solutions are the same ones the Left has for every crisis, more government regulations and confiscation of our money. Another reason might be trite, but the line I’ll start worrying about climate change when those pushing it change their lifestyles has some weight. I think Ed Begley, Jr. seems to live what he preaches, but Al Gore, Leo DiCaprio, et. al. still live the high-life while telling others to cut back.

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  3. colleenb Member

    I thought Ms. Hill was interesting until it was mentioned that she was flying to and from DC for a conference (from Aspen I believe?).  If you really think climate change is a problem, why are you having a conference that people have to fly/drive etc to.  Why can’t this be done by teleconferencing, etc?  I’m sorry but I think my carbon footprint is much lower than Ms. Hill’s.  I’m sure my house is smaller than hers, I live in a place that gets lots of natural water, and I last fly in June 2017.  Show me Ms. Hill and the other climate change people that you are at least doing as much.  Try teleconferencing, try walking to and from the conference to make a point that you think this really is a crisis and not just something that ‘other’/little people need to change their lifestyles to solve.  Sorry.  Should not rant during Lent but really where are the people who are truly living as though this is the crisis they think it is.  And that goes for the younger generation too.

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  4. colleenb Member

    Bishop Wash:  Exactly!

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