As impeachment speculation mounts, the question remains: what effect, if any, has it had on the popularity of President Trump, Joe Biden, and the Democratic field? David Brady and Doug Rivers, Hoover Institution senior fellows and Stanford University political scientists, explain what their polling data indicates.

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  1. Michael Shaw Thatcher
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    Imagine if you will a scenario where the House votes for an impeachment inquiry, this inquiry leads a bill of impeachment presented to the Senate for consideration but this is slow walked by cocaine Mitch to the point where a lame duck Senate is trying a now re-elected President Trump. Keep in mind Trump is no ordinary hapless defendant but has means, personal and institutional, to exploit due process to depose people in the deep state and media (but I repeat myself). The possibilities for future scandal and delay are endless.

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    • October 1, 2019, at 6:29 PM PDT
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