Americans watched with forlorn fascination as devastating hurricanes laid waste to stretches of Florida and Texas. Hoover research fellow Alice Hill explains how the nation can better prepare for future natural disasters. The key word is “resilience.”

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Published in: Environment, Politics

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  1. Doctor Robert Member
    Doctor Robert

    Can we have a little sound editing please?   Impossible to listen to this in the car.  He is too soft to hear unless she is too loud to tolerate.

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  2. Tedley Member

    Concur with Dr. Robert about the audio balance problems, Miss Hill’s voice was much louder than Mr. Whalen’s.

    I spent several years doing emergency management for the government. I was glad to hear Miss Hill address resilience as a means to minimize risk. This is as true for cities and states as it is for each of us as individuals. Whether the concerns about global climate change are valid or not, there are things people should consider when choosing where to live and the resilience of their accommodations.

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