To celebrate the reunion of Viacom and CBS, we are joined by Ankler Editor-at-Large Jim Gibson to take a look back at the twists and turns of the most screwed up, ego-maniacal company on earth. We look at how a succession of leaders nearly destroyed two separate media giants to satisfy their own egos and greed. And the surprising heroine who bested the big boys and came out on top.

Intro music: Train Wreck by Kasey Chambers
Outtro Music: Second Time Around sung by Frank Sinatra

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  1. LibertyDefender Member

    Interesting enough podcast.

    Please ask Darth Vader to disconnect the breathing mask before drawing from his liquid feeding tube.

    (Mute the mic when taking a big swig.)

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    • August 18, 2019, at 5:31 PM PDT
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