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  1. Franz Drumlin Member

    The unpredictable and the predetermined unfold together to make everything the way it is.

    – Tom Stoppard Arcadia

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    • March 19, 2020, at 7:22 AM PDT
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  2. Wolfsheim Member

    I’ve been steadfastly listening to the Andrew Klavan Show for well over a year and am constantly moved by the “There-Are-No-E’s-In-Klavan’s” wisdom and wit. His advice on the “mailbag” this time struck me as particularly insightful. (I can’t think of too many theologians who could have answered the first question as well as he did.) I am an old man, for whom America is a distant land, both geographically and chronologically, though I do subscribe to the Ricochet Podcast. I did not realize until now that I could make a comment on AK’s wonderful podcasts without being a Daily Wire subscriber. Alas, I cannot afford both. But I would happily give his endeavours the highest of ratings.

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    • March 19, 2020, at 7:56 AM PDT
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