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  1. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    Where is Adam Schiff? He’s at the bank, cashing the check from Ed Buck. Like any good dog, he wont bite the hand that feeds him.

    Great point on the corpses of abortion victims. I think its a failure of vocabulary. I am sure he didnt want to endow these poor children with any humanity at all, but there isnt a simple way to say that without sounding like a complete ghoul.

    The blackface debacle of Justine Trudeau is an example of his poor judgement, while I have never had any intention of voting for him, this just re-enforces my generally poor opinion of him. If it had been just the 1 incident when he was in high school, I would have ignored it, we’re all not the people we’re meant to be at that age. We’ve all done things we would not repeat today. But not Justine Trudeau he is still the kid he was in high school.

    The one question I have, is why are these photo ’emerging’ now, The year books have out there. Who is pushing them into the headlines now? Could it be someone inside the Liberal party who’s tired of the Woke Scold bully. Tired of the corruption and want him out of office so he’ll be forced to resign? Its like the SNL comedian who got fired 15 minutes after landing the gig, someone was out there with these photos ready to circulate them in an election campaign.

    Great podcast. I also like the City Journal podcast, 10 blocks, its also available here on Ricochet, as well as all the places named.


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    • September 19, 2019, at 12:39 PM PDT