Michael Knowles, host of The Michael Knowles Show and acclaimed author of Speechless: Controlling Words, Controlling Minds, joins us to discuss the history and evolution of political correctness, the pitfalls of conservatives when navigating new woke standards, and the value of censorship under specific circumstances.

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  1. Wolfsheim Member

    A fine discussion between two fine minds.. I am myself not wise enough to come down decisively on either side   All I know is that it’s possible in America to defend infanticide as a tenured professor at a famous university but not champion cannibalism between consenting adults or pedophilia—at least not yet. Though a staunch Catholic, I have no confidence in the good bishops to stem the tide.

    In regard to Germany, east and west, it should be remembered that the former was long overwhelmingly Protestant. I once attended a school (in the west) where on Wednesday morning one went to church during the first class  No attendance was officially registered, but one Catholic teacher would carefully note who showed up and who didn’t. The Protestant kids could safely sleep in.. 









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  2. Manny Member

    Excellent discussion.  I’m impressed with Knowles.  Reminds me of William F. Buckley in early days.

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