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  1. Henry Castaigne Member

    This episode has some serious sloppy language. When you say that the Chinese are abducting Hong Kongers and putting them in Chinese prisons it’s confusing. Hong Kongers are overwhelming Chinese people of the Han race as are the Chinese Communists. The Hong Kong people are being terrorized by Chinese Communists who are terrorizing the free Hong Kongers who are also Chinese. 

    Taiwan and some communities in America and Canada are filled with Chinese people who are too busy voting and being free to bother Hong Kongers. There is nothing especially Chinese about a brutal Communist system that suppresses and steals from people.

    As we speak, 100s of thousands of Chinese people in the mainland and in Hong Kong are deeply oppressed because they want to live free like Americans and they have risked more than we have in order to pursue that long denied freedom. They are equally if not more Chinese than the Chinese Communist Party of Mainland China. 

    P.S. In Taiwan, the government is voted in by an overwhelmingly Chinese populace. In mainland China, the government was never elected. So how can mainland China be more Chinese than a country that was actually voted in by Chinese people?

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    • August 14, 2019, at 3:00 PM PDT
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