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    What a huge error Andrew Klavan made in this podcast. Referring to the “white nationalists” and the El Paso killer as “of the right” is a glaring error of fact. There is not a single politician – or voter for that matter – “of the right” who embraces any of the evil nonsense in that evil killer’s manifesto.

    But such is not the case at the left end of the spectrum. James Hodgkinson embraced Bernie Sanders’ policies precisely. The Dayton killer acted in the name of policy positions held by over 20 Democrat Party candidates for President.

    Stop drawing a moral equivalency between

    • “white nationalism,”which is
      • not a movement at all, and
      • rejected by every Republican and conservative politician;


    • every leftie whackjob who commits evil in the name of mainstream Democrat policy;

    and for that matter

    • radical Islamism, which
      • is a movement;
      • acts in the name of Islam, to which every Muslim adheres on pain of death; and 
      • to which virtually no Muslims object when radical Islamists kill in the name of Islam.
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    • August 6, 2019, at 7:07 PM PDT
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