The trans-cult comes after Daily Wire as the left’s strategy of moral panic starts to falter. Plus how comedians tell the truth — and don’t.


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  1. Wolfsheim Member

    Two points:

    (1) Unable to face the Klavan-less week, I sometimes put off watching the latest podcast until a few days after it appears. This time I first saw Matt Walsh’s “What is a Woman?” and was pleased with my ordering, because it was delightful to listen to AK’s inclusion in this week’s comments of this brilliant documentary. One minute one is laughing, the next one is shuddering. I was reminded of the scene in C.S. Lewis’s The Silver Chair (Chronicles of Narnia), in which the evil Queen of the Underland tries to convince her would-be victims that they are deluded about the existence of a sunlit world above them. Matt Walsh is right: Transgenderism is part of a larger war against the very concept of Truth. Licensed physicians and a “social scientist” spout blatant lunacy. The obvious intention is to browbeat the rubes into submission. (One of his interviewees says that he (?) cannot say what a woman is because he (?) is not a woman. Matt Walsh then asks: “Are you a cat?” Answer: “No.” “Do you know what cat is?” The interviewee angrily stomps off…Priceless!)

    (2) Regarding wannabe lady warriors…Years ago, as a graduate student, I was taking a course in Chinese at the University of Hawai’i. One of my classmates was a huge Irish-American who could, as I learned when he helped my wife and me move, lift two heavy barrels as if they were empty oatmeal packages. Another classmate was a militant feminist who was taking karate lessons. As we sat around chatting in a Chinese restaurant, I politely asked her about her prowess. She casually remarked: “I could kill everyone in this room.” I decided that I would rather enjoy my spring rolls than have her test out her contention. My male classmate, a long-lasting friend from now nearly half a century ago, was as placid as ever. Of course, AK is totally right: The lady would not have lasted 8.3 seconds against the barrel-mover. He would have simply picked the lady up, ever so gently, and set her down outside to finish her spring rolls by herself.

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