A despicable sliver of America takes over the Democrat party. Plus Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mules, and the conservative firebrand out of North Carolina, Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson.


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  1. Anamcara Member

    Dear Andrew,

    I usually love your show, but you misrepresent the central argument of 2000 Mules flagrantly. The film shows the mules visiting drop boxes in multiple counties in the same night. This refutes your argument via Olsen that turnout would be up in inner city areas if the election had been stolen, and the movie makes this utterly clear. The mules deposited relatively few (3-5) ballots per drop and visited drop boxes in different counties precisely so they would escape the charge of having “stuffed” boxes in specific areas. Also recall that when Phillips and Engelbrecht lowered their data purchase criteria from phones that had visited boxes ten times a day to five times a day, it revealed several thousand more mules.

    The film’s argument stands in spite of your misrepresenting it. The data shows feloniously cast ballots in the critical swing states the numeric total of which well surpasses Biden’s margin of supposed victory in each state. While we don’t know if the ballots the mules deposited were all for Biden or not, and the film is the first to admit this, if ballots are illegally cast the numeric total of which well surpasses Biden’s margin of supposed victory, the official results are without doubt incorrect. 

    The only relevant issue in politics today is whether the election was rigged, because if it was, the predicted “red wave” of the 2022 midterms is a fantasy. It will either be underwhelming, Republicans will take back just one chamber by an unimpressive margin, or else we will wake up to learn, “Big victory for Biden as Democrats retain control of House and Senate, clear mandate for Dems…” this November. 

    Molly Hemingway’s Rigged shows clearly that the media’s repeated self-contradictions and the switch to insecure drop boxes and voting rules that were not uniformly enforced across individual states in 2020 affected the election outcomes. Michael Gableman has shown that the situation in Wisconsin was unimaginably corrupt. But Dinesh, Catherine Engelbrecth, and Greg Phillips have given us concrete evidence of how it actually happened. When Fox and DailyWire don’t treat this issue or treat it incorrectly, it seems as if you are simply patronizing your listeners, catering to their views, when their votes literally no longer count. Please rewatch the film, retract your statements, and get this all-important argument right. 

    Ann and Brendan 

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