After inciting race riots, silencing dissent, and ravaging freedom in the name of safety, Democrats fear the right is threatening Democracy! Plus Spencer Klavan on being Christian and gay.

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  1. Ausonius Member

    “Plus Spencer Klavan on being Christian and gay”.  Sad that there are certain segments of the Christian world that somehow think this lifestyle is reconcilable with 2000 years of orthodox belief.  It’s also the one issue that has destroyed modern Protestantism and is now trying to do the same to the Catholic Church.  Andrew and his son like to cherry pick the Gospels and pretend somehow that Jesus wouldn’t have a problem with carnal relations between same sex people just because he didn’t happen to have a parable specifically addressing it.

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  2. Manny Member

    Concerning Spencer’s homosexuality.  It may have been beyond his control, but one has to be called to chastity.  You can’t just change God’s commandments for one’s convenience.  Yes, we are no longer the ritual laws of the Old Testament, but we all still under the moral laws of the Old Testament.  Otherwise the ten commandments would no longer apply.  Spencer’s reasoning is all specious.  I pray for him.  God is merciful, but one can’t presume His mercy.

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