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  1. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    The Covid response has been the largest public policy error since WWi, Not only did it not save any lives – it cost lives, with extra deaths in overdose, suicide, depression and the stresses inflicted on the public will take years to heal.

    The transformation of men’s hearts is impossible. It didnt work in Iran, it also did not work in China, 50 years after Nixon cracked open China. Liberal trade has not led to liberalized domestic politics. China has steadfastly kept watch to make sure our politics remained out of China, while vigorously exporting their cultural and radical racial Marxism. Over the past 50 years, we have become far more China, than China has became western. Movies are edited to please the Chinese Communist Party ideology, sports stars give voice to Chinese propaganda in defense of the indefensible. China has won the battle on the trade front.

    I thought the speech played from Author, sounded a lot like Henry V’s St Crispin’s Day speech..

    Good talk, great interview. Good luck with the move, enjoy your new home.

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