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  1. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    Yes, Alienated, but never disappointed.

    The election was stolen but could it be proven in a court? I dont know, but I would’ve liked the court to hear the case – then it would have at least felt fair. The outcome isnt really important, but they should hear the argument, air the evidence. Then if there is a an adverse decision we can at least examine it and move on. Lets think that the election was stolen – how would the thief act? He’d prevent any investigation? Censor media reporting? Smear witnesses who are concerned about what they saw? IF they didnt steal the election – they’re sure acting like it.

    Tim Cooke sure sounds like a whinny little B*****, Yes lets be clear on the moral questions. Its wrong to use slave labor in 3rd world countries – in working conditions so terrible, they have to put up nets to keep workers from throwing themselves off the roof. Its wrong to silence fellow citizens, you happen to disagree with. Its wrong to deal with and support tyrannical regimes that run concentration camps for religious minorities. He’s very clear on the moral questions. He’s against it.

    The short story you’re talking about is “Button Button” by Richard Matheson (1970), as well as the Twilight Zone, it was made into a movie in 2009 “The Box”.

    I am the man who knocks scene, I think is the climax of the entire series “Breaking Bad”…

    As Walter fully embraced his inner gangster, I liked him more – even as he poisoned children, killed former colleagues, and so on. It was when he took half measures, when he tried to be good, was when he got into “trouble”.

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