In a span of weeks in early 2020, Congress passed over $2 trillion in legislation aimed at rescuing the U.S. economy from the scourge of SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus. So is Congress doing a good job of spending our money? What’s next on the COVID-19 policy agenda? How do we best address the economic dislocation that is affecting everyday Americans and vulnerable populations? And are there things we can do to help Congress better navigate complex policy challenges like this one?

To help us think through these questions, we turn to Rep. Mike Gallagher of Wisconsin’s 8th District, which encompasses Green Bay and much of northeastern Wisconsin. Rep. Gallagher is one of the youngest members of Congress, a wee 36 years old, and has emerged as one of the most interesting and energetic engines of conservative thinking in that chamber.

Among other things, we talk about how to address the COVID-19 economic apocalypse; decoupling America’s economy from China’s Gallagher’s expansive thoughts on the unsexy but essential project of reforming the way Congress works; and how members of Congress navigate the treacherous politics of health care reform.

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