The newest Politico / Morning Consult Poll finds 61% of registered voters think the country’s headed in the wrong direction, so it’s not so surprising that 35% also think think the 2020 election should be overturned. That’s what happens when you steal an election. Democrats may be sensing their time is running out, which might be why they keep on proposing more and more crazy legislation, like Senator Ron Wyden’s (D-Loonegon) “tax the billionaires” bill that would, inevitably, end up applying to you.

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  1. RebeccaCoffey Thatcher

    Thank you for sharing your mother’s beautiful voice with us.   My soul soared.  

    May your wife walk through the grief of her mother’s death to freely rejoice in the moments they shared.  I send my humble thoughts and prayers to her and all her loved ones.

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  2. Arahant Member

    God bless, Max. Keep that recording and treasure it. I don’t have anything like that from my parents.

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  3. Max Admin

    Thanks to you both. :-)

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  4. Mister Dog Coolidge
    Mister Dog

    Beautiful Max. Thank you.

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