“Unacceptable conditions at D.C. jail lead to plan to transfer of about 400 inmates.” That’s the headline at the Washington Post, which along with the rest of the Leftist media heavily promoted the lie that January six was an insurrection and the worst attack on our democracy since the civil war. That’s their headline.  Great job, guys, ten months late. “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” Yeah, what about prisoners being abused? Do they die in darkness? Nathan DeGrave, a political prisoner at the jail, who has been held for nine months without trial, published a letter at the end of October describing the inhumane conditions and the mental and physical abuse faced by the January 6 prisoners. Will the Department of Justice investigate? Of course not; Merrick Garland is too busy investigating parents who attend school board meetings.

Looks like Glenn Youngkin might actually have won in  the governor’s race in Virginia on Tuesday. Max is still not confident the Democrats won’t find a way to steal it. And Youngkin won because he acknowledged the very real concerns that Virginia voters have, about a lot of issues, but the big one is Critical Race Theory, which is racism, being taught in schools. It was Terry McAuliffe who lied and said that Critical Race Theory doesn’t exist, who told parents they have no right to be involved in their own children’s education, and who tried to make the campaign all about Trump.


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  1. Arahant Member

    About 7:49, it goes silent, even though it keeps playing until 8:26. It seems to pick back up on the same sentence, though.

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  2. Arahant Member

    Yay for Mollie Hemingway. And good job on the podcast, Max.

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  3. Bishop Wash Member
    Bishop Wash

    Arahant (View Comment):

    About 7:49, it goes silent, even though it keeps playing until 8:26. It seems to pick back up on the same sentence, though.

    Yep. I was listening on my drive to work. Bluetooth is a finicky protocol and occasionally will disconnect my phone’s audio from the truck’s stereo. I thought that’s what had happened. After confirming it was still connected, I let it play and as you said, it didn’t seem to miss anything. Just the silence.

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  4. Max Admin

    Whoops, I fixed the silence and uploaded a new file, just in case for anyone who didn’t listen yet. Thanks for letting me know. 

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