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It’s a Saturday night special edition of the Hinderaker-Ward Experience (HWX). John Hinderaker of Power Line and Brian Ward of Fraters Libertas reconvene to discuss the crucial events of our time. Topics addressed include:

* how to pass the time while waiting in line 2 hours for the new iPhone

* Congressional GOP gamesmanship with the debt ceiling

* the onset of Obamacare

* critical commodity shortages in Venezuela

* understanding and misunderstanding Pope Francis’s recent comments about Church priorities

* the Navy Yard shooting (with a This Week in Gate keeping bonus)

Articles references in the above discussions include:

* Mark Steyn’s latest masterpiece on the debt ceiling: Next Stop Banana Republic

* Pope Francis’s interivew in America magazine: A Big Open Heart to God

* George Weigel’s analysis of Pope Francis’s remarks: The Christ-Centered Pope

All feedback welcomed in the comments section. We hope you enjoy!

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