Millions of Americans have filed for unemployment benefits as the timeline of the coronavirus lockdown remains unclear. In light of rising economic uncertainty, Congress authorized a $2 trillion relief bill, including $350 billion to support small- and mid-sized businesses. But will that be enough?

Glenn Hubbard, one of the main proponents of the Paycheck Protection Program, joined the show to walk us through the bill and highlight what’s needed for it to succeed. He also discusses rising unemployment, our timeline for recovery, and how the US economy will change post-coronavirus.

Glenn Hubbard is the John H. Makin Visiting Scholar for 2019–20 at the American Enterprise Institute. A former chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers at the White House, he concurrently serves as dean emeritus and Russell L. Carson Professor of Economics and Finance at Columbia Business School.

Download the transcript here.

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